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27 July 2017

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Squeeze bottle for colour pigments

27 July 2017

PET084: Squeeze bottle for colour pigmentsA new packaging idea for colours and paints sector.
PET084 is the original and captivating solutions for the packaging of any kind of colour and decorative pigments.

Transparent as glass but resistent as plastic: here are the characteristics that make PET084 the ideal container for colour pigments (powder, liquid or gel).

Transparency and resistance are guaranteed by the material (PET) with which these little containers are realized (flushed edge capacity of 150 ml).

The measuring cup is available in a doule version (narrow or large hole) and it has been realized with first choice plastic material (Polypropylene).

The tamper proof seal at first use, which is present on the cup, prevents PET084 from possible tampering attempts.

The lid has a practical open-close system that, once the tamper proof has been removed, allows a perfect snap-fit closure.

All of these features make PET084 a practical and functional “squeeze bottle for colour and decorative pigments”.

Technical sheet