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22 September 2017

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SC Series: cans for water-based varnish

22 September 2017

The cans for warer-based varnish and similar productsISI Plast offers on the market a complete line of cans created to answer to the multiple needs of paints and varnishes. With different dimentions and capacities (from 0,58 to 3,6lt) the SC Series are indicated for the packaging of warer-based varnish and similar products.

Main characteristic of SC Series is the cilindrical shape with wide opening which distinguishes each container, has been designed to facilitate the complete and rapid emptying of the contents. The structure of these cans for water-based varnish has been studied to simplify the handling both manual and through automatic-filling machinery.

The thickness of the walls and the high quality plastic material (PE) confer strength to the cans for water-based varnish, which are particularly resistant to impacts and optimal for the use with tintometric systems.

Complete with pressure lids or with inviolable seal at first opening, these containers are perfectly stackable when full, in order to guarantee an efficient and captivating exposure on the shelf.

The graphic printing of these containers (through adhesive labels, IML labels and offset printing) together with the technical characteristics listed above make the SC Series ideal to contain water-based varnish and similar products.

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