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29 September 2017

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The large container for natural bowels

29 September 2017

MU3250The large container for natural bowels0 is the large container (flushed edge capacity 32,9lt) fully made of plastic material in compliance with the severe regulations of the food sector. The characteristics that distinguish it make it the optimal solutions for the preservation of natural bowels.

Natural bowels represent the shell of cured meats, through which it is possible to give them a shape. At the same time the bowels allow the defence from air and light, permitting a balanced exchange between water and oxygen, essential for a correct maturation of the contents.

Given the importance that this food product has, it becomes essential to put particular attention in choosing the container, in which the natural bowels will be preserved.

ISI Food answers to these needs by offering on the market MU32500. A practical and manageable container, realized with first choice plastic material (PP), suitable for food contact. The upper band gives strength to the packaging that also has an inviolable seal at first use and a practical handle (available in both versions: plastic and metal) to ease its handling.

The conical design has been studied to simplify a concrete optimization of spaces, since it allows the stacking of the packaging both empty or full.

The technical features that characterize this container, together with the printing possibility (through IML labels that reproduce images at the highest quality), make MU32500 the ideal packaging for the preservation of natural bowels.

Technical sheet