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19 October 2017

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The containers for glue, sealants and adhesive products

19 October 2017

LGH series: The containers for glue, sealants and adhesive productsIn order to sutisfy the multiple needs of the glue and cementitous sealants sector, ISI Plast places on the market the LGH SeriesStrong and manageable the products of this line differ for dimensions and capacity (from 2,5lt to 6,6lt) and thanks to the peculiarities that characterise them, they represent the ideal solution for the containment of adhesive materials.

The LGH Series buckets, made of the highest quality plastic material (PP), are resistent to dynamic stress and guarantee optimal integrity and preservation of the products that they contain.
Distinctive characteristics of the LGH Series containers are the presence of the highly performing handle and the two side guidelines, that avoid the movement of the bucket, once correctly stacked when empty, easing the automated filling operations.

These containers for adhesive products are also characterised by the upper band (which gives strenght to the bucket), the tamper evident seal and the practical pressure lid.

Printable through the application of IML labels, which allow the reproduction of images with the highest graphic definition, these containers for adhesives and sealants represent the ideal solution for companies that are looking for a reliable and qualitative packaging for their products.