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28 June 2017

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The container for handwashing paste

28 June 2017

The container for handwashing pasteMU4700M3 is the container that ISI Plast realized to satisfy the industrial sector needs. In particular, this container, thanks to its characteristics of strength and manageability, is the ideal solution for the packaging of 4kg of handwashing paste.

The handwashing paste is an abrasive paste detergent that erases from the hands dirt caused by oil, grease, ink and paint, other than bad smells. Given the importance that this product represents for the industrial sector, it becomes fundamentally important to guarantee its correct preservation within a high-quality packaging.

MU4700M3 is made of first quality plastic material (Polypropylene), which alongside with the presence of the upper band, confers strength and resistence to the container for handwashing paste. The presence of the tilting handle confers manageability to the container, while the presence of the seal safeguards the inviolability of the content at first use.

Moreover, the tipical troncoconical shape of MU Series products, which also characterize MU4700M3, allows perfectly the stacking of empty buckets, in order to optimize the space during storage.

Equipped with pressure lid, which allows the perfect closure of the packaging, MU4700M3 is also highly customizable through the application of IML lables, which allow the reproduction of high resolution pictures.

MU4700M3 is the container for handwashing paste that guarantees high performances.


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