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5 June 2017

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MU5700M3 for seafood salads

5 June 2017

MU5700M3 for seafood salads_ISI Plast S.p.A.ISI Food proposes on the market the ad hoc studied packaging for the correct packing of different fishery products including the seafood salad.

MU5700M3 represents the ideal solution to contain up to 5 kg of mollusks (mussels, shortfin squids, squids, cuttlefishes etc.) and crustaceans. All excellents raw materials for the preparation of high-quality seafood salads and for the main courses dressing.

The seafood salads container MU5700M3 (flush edge capacity of 5.8 lt.) is realised in the full respect of the strict food sector standards resulting suitable to food contact.
The plastic material quality of which it is made (PP) allows the guarantee of the high quality standards of the product contained inside.

Strong (thanks to the unique upper side that characterises all the series MU articles), safe (thanks to the presence of the inviolability seal at first use) and handy (thanks to the tilting handle which makes the movement easier) MU5700M3 is equipped with a practical pressure lid, also available in the heat-sealing version.

Highly customizable through the application of IML labels that enable to reproduce high resolution images, this container appears to be the perfect packaging for seafood salads and other fishery products.

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