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29 March 2017

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MU3300M4 for semi-finished products for ice creams

29 March 2017

MU3300M4 for semi-finished products for ice creamsISI Food attention and care in studying and producing the plastic buckets, made it possible to launch on the market MU3300M4, the ideal container for packaging, preserving and storing 3.5kg of semi-finished products for ice creams (bases for ice-creams, complete mixes, sorbets and cold creams).

MU3300M4 (with a flush edge capacity of 3,5 lt.) has been produced in fully accordance with food certifications requirements and expedients related to the food field, using first choice high quality raw materials (PP) suitable for contact with food.

The presence of the upper band gives to the bucket more strength, and the tamper evident seal makes the packaging safe, before the first use.

Another strong point is the rocking handle, which allows an easy handling of the bucket. In  order to satisfy the most different request of the market, ISI Food offers the possibility to choose between the traditional pressure lid and the lid for thermo-sealing.

This item has the chance to be customized in IML able to reproduce high resolution images and giving to the bucket an even more attractive line.

All these features together, make of MU3300M4 the perfect quality packaging for semi-finished products for ice creams.

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