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24 March 2017

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MU5700M3: for fertilizers and manures

24 March 2017

MU5700M3 for fertilizers and manures

ISI Plast, leader in manufacturing of industrial plastic buckets is glad to introduce on the market MU5700M3: a strong and easy-to-handle packaging, suitable for containing and preserving fertilizers such as organic and mineral manures. Fertilizers provide to the plants through the soil, the nutrients, which they require for growing.

The fertilization season opens during the spring season and ends with the arrival of the winter time.

It is therefore necessary, to grant the quality of the product, through an appropriate preservation inside the most suitable buckets.

MU5700M3, with a flush edge capacity of 5,8 lt., is completely made of high quality plastic raw material (PP) to ensure the integrity of the product inside. The wide mouth facilitates the filling phase; and the pressure lid with the pratical pouring spout allows the perfect emptying of the content.

The upper band makes the bucket resistant to the dynamic stresses. The free handle allows the bucket to be easily handled.  The tamper evident seal makes the packaging safe, before the first use.
MU5700M3 is the ideal packaging for fertilizers and manures, thanks also to the fact that it has a conical design and it has the possibility to be customized with Iml labelling system.

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