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12 December 2016

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The buckets for semi-finished ice cream products

12 December 2016

buckets for semi-finished ice cream productsIsi Food has always paid much attention to meeting all its customer’s requirements.

For this purpose, the company offers on the market a wide choice of buckets for semi-finished ice cream products, realized in the interest of optimizing the time concerning the heat-sealing process.

In fact, within the company portfolio it is possible to choose among different groups of articles, which are characterized by the same upper diameter, despite having different capacities.

This makes it possible to use one single mould inside the heat-sealing machine, reducing significantly the processing times.

Isi Food offers a wide choice of solutions:

These buckets are made of high quality plastic material (PP) and respect all the strict measures of the food field, which makes them suitable for contact with food.

The buckets for semi-finished ice cream products are comfortable, strong, easy to handle and are equipped with a lid for heat-sealing process, or with a simple pressure lid.

All these articles can be customized through the application of IML labels, which makes them so captivating.

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