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5 December 2016

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MU5700M4/ONU for chlorine tablets

5 December 2016

MU5700M4/ONU for chlorine tablets_Isi PlastIsi Plast, leader Company in the production of plastic buckets for the industrial field, offers on the market the MU5700M4/ONU bucket, which has a flush edge capacity of 5.8 litres and is ideal for packing and storing chlorine tablets.

Chlorine is the main chemical product used for an adequate maintenance and disinfection of swimming pools (be they private or public). It is therefore fundamental to store chlorine tablets inside the adequate container, in order to guarantee the quality of the product.

The MU5700M4/ONU bucket is made of first-rate plastic material (PP) and respects all the measures to obtain the compliance certificate for transporting dangerous solid waste.

It is strong (thanks to the presence of the upper band), safe (the seal guarantees the inviolability of the bucket until the first opening), practical and easy to handle (thanks to the tilt handle).

Its truncated-cone shape makes it possible to stack the buckets, which allows a better display on the shelf and to save space in the warehouse.

The MU5700M4/ONU bucket can be customised through the application of IML labels reproducing high-resolution pictures.

All these features make the MU5700M4/ONU the ideal bucket for optimally storing chlorine tablets.

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