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4 November 2016

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MU7100M3: the bucket for natural guts

4 November 2016

MU7100M3: the bucket for natural gutsIsi Food S.r.l. offers the MU7100M3 bucket on the market. This bucket, which has a flush edge capacity of 7 litres, is made of polypropylene suitable for contact with food and represents the best solution for optimally conserving natural guts.

Natural guts represent the envelope that allows the maturation of sausages and are meant to be used in the PDO (protected designations of origin) and PGI (protected geographical designations) marked high quality charcuterie, as they have the traditional and natural character that these products require.

Natural guts not only play the important role of casing sausages, but also shape them and protect them from air and light. This allows a balanced circulation of water and oxygen, which is fundamental for a perfect maturation of the sausages.

It is therefore necessary to pay particular attention to the choice of the packaging in which the guts will be conserved. The bucket the guts will be put into has to guarantee a perfect hygiene, preventing the alterations caused by microorganisms, light, oxygen and water.

The “Isi Food” marked MU7100M3 bucket meets all the trade and quality requirements. It is made of top-shelf plastic material (polypropylene) and complies with the standards in force in the food field. This product is also characterized by the presence of an upper band – which increases the strength of the bucket – an inviolability seal and a comfortable tilting handle to ease the movements.

The truncated cone shape allows to stack the buckets, be they empty or full, in order to optimize the packing space.

Moreover, this bucket can be customized through the application of IML labels, which reproduce high-resolution images.

These features make the MU7100M3 bucket the ideal packaging for conserving natural guts.

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