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7 April 2016

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MU8000M3 for honey seasoning

7 April 2016

MU8000M3 per la maturazione del mieleIsi Food  offers on the market MU8000M3 (for 10 kg.) bucket, perfect for honey preservation and storage. This phase happens just after the “honey extractor actions”, and it allows to proceed and put the honey into the buckets.
The seasoning period give the chance to the honey to loose, through evaporation, the exceeding water inside. At the same time the beekeeper may proceed with skimming the surface from any left impurities (vegetable particles and wax residue). Residues of propolis and other heavy impurities are going to settle on the bottom of the bucket (aging unit / ripener).

MU8000M3 produced with a kind of plastic material suitable for food contact is also very strong, thanks to the special feature of the upper band. MU8000M3 ergonomic handle facilitates the handling operations.
This kind of plastic buckets is easy to adapt and to enable the application of a tap to be used for the honey packaging process.

MU8000M3 has the chance to be used also as handy container for the direct sale.Data sheet