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11 May 2016

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MU12000M3/ONU for the packaging of chlorine tablets

11 May 2016

MU12000M3/ONU for the packaging of chlorine tabletsIsi Plast, leader in the production of plastic buckets for the industrial field, offers on the market MU12000M3/ONU, the perfect bucket for the packaging and preservation of chlorine tablets.

With the approaching of the summer season, the chlorine control gets extremely important to ensure, both in public and private swimming pools, the maintenance of the standard hygienic conditions. For this reason, there is a high request for chlorine tablets, that have to be used regularly to get the proper maintenance of the pool. Chlorine tablets shall be properly preserved and stored within proper buckets able to guarantee quality and easy to handle features.

MU12000M3/ONU, with a capacity of 13.3 – is a plastic bucket that meets many different requirements useful to achieve the certification for the transport of dangerous solid goods.
The upper band adds strength to the bucket and the ergonomic plastic handle makes it easier to handle the bucket. All these features allow the bucket to be perfect for the storage and packaging of chlorine tablets.

MU12000M3/ONU is being produced with 100% first choice recyclable plastic and once the bucket is empty, the final user may proceed with waste disposal all at once.

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