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20 May 2016

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RET 5 for dried fruits packaging

RET5 per frutta secca
20 May 2016

RET 5 for dried fruits packagingIsi Food offers RET 5 (6,1 lt.) as a perfect rectangular bucket, ideal for the packaging of any kind of dried fruits. Thanks to the features of this kind of bucket, it is possible to get special results in terms of keeping tastes and flavors unaltered for a long time. Greedy snacks, such as: peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios etc.

The easy to handle pressure lid ensures the freshness of the food products packed inside

RET5 is made of first choice material PP, that is the reason the bucket is as strong as rugged.

The plastic handle provides a practical packaging handling.

Finally, the particular truncated pyramid shape of this bucket allows the perfect stock stacking of both the empty and the filled containers. This is to optimize the company warehouse spaces and get an efficient display on the shelf for the final user.

RET 5 is being produced according to the strict food field regulations, therefore it turns out to be suitable for contact with foods.

Technical data sheet