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6 June 2016

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Series SC for water-based varnishes

6 June 2016

Series SC for water-based varnishesIsi Plast S.p.A, leader in Italy in the production of plastic buckets for the industrial field, is introducing on the market, a complete series of products particularly indicated to contain water-based varnishes and similar ones.

SC Series, is characterized by the cylindrical shape and the large mouth studied on purpose to make it easier and faster the emptying of the content inside.

The side walls thickness and the high quality materials used during the production phase add solidity to the bucket and as a result they are particularly resistant against impacts. The particular cylindrical tight and tall shape facilitates the handling of the packaging, both by hand or in the filling machines. The structure of these buckets is perfect to be used within the mixer (tinting system).

SC SERIES design has been outlined to ensure an efficient shelf display, since they are perfectly stackable.
The pots have the chance to be customized with adhesive labels, imls labels or offset printing.

SC SERIES are different in size, capacity and lids availability: pressure lid and pressure lids with seal.

All these features give the chance to SC buckets to be the ideal packaging to be filled with water-based varnished and similar products.

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