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14 June 2016

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MU4700M3 for mozzarella cheese packaging

14 June 2016

mu4700m3 for mozzarella cheese packagingIsi Food Srl introduces on the market Il MU4700M3 (4.77 lt.), a handy and practical pot to contain food products.  MU4700M3 is the perfect packaging to preserve and sell mozzarella cheese.

Its technical features allow the food products inside to maintain unchanged the flavors for longer and the freshness of the aliments.

MU4700M3 for the packaging of mozzarella cheese, is produced in accordance with all the food most strict rules and standards.

Handy and practical, MU4700M3 is produced with first choice raw materials (PP) to ensure the best packaging quality. The plastic handle offers to the bucket the chance to be easily moved and used.

The shape of a truncated pyramid gives to the buckets a linear shape and the design has been outlined to ensure an efficient shelf display, since they are perfectly stackable.

MU4700M3 is available with 2 different options: pressure standard lid and lid for heat-sealing. A complete container perfect for the packaging of mozzarella cheese and other food products.

Technical data sheet