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5 July 2016

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MU18500: bucket to be used into tinting systems

5 July 2016

MU18500Isi Plast has studied and realized MU18500, the bucket with a linear attractive design, featured by the presence of an upper band, able to give to the bucket an elegant and strong look.

The side-wall of MU18500 and the special pressure lid have been studied on purpose to make this container, ideal to be used into the tinting systems.

With a flushedge capacity of 19,2 L, MU18500 is able to contain 14/15 lt of painting. Thanks to its special technical features, when solicited by the agitators into the mixer, this bucket is able to grant the perfect sealing of the content.

The bucket is made with first choice plastic material (PP), MU18500 is featured by the presence of a seal on the upper band, to protect the integrity of the product and to encourage an ergonomic removal of the same.

The metal handle with plastic grip has been studied to reply to the market needs and requests: the buttonholes/eyelets that bind it to the bucket side-walls are designed on purpose to fix it firmly and at the same time allow an easy detachment in order to place correctly the packaging inside the tinting system.

MU18500 has the chance to be customized in IML.

Technical data sheet