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12 July 2016

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MU18600 for grapes picking

12 July 2016

For grapes pickingIn order to face properly the harvest grapes, it is very important to get the right equipment and suitable tools.

Isi Food Srl offers on the market MU18600, a high quality bucket perfect for harvest grapes. This bucket is able to satisfy the most different needs related to this sector, thanks to its special technical features.

MU18600 has been produced with first choice raw plastic materials (PP) and it is suitable and certified for contact with food.

The upper band provides the bucket with strength and the metal handle with the plastic grip gives to the bucket a practical handling peculiarity.

The agri-foods undergo to further working process steps and therefore they have to be collected and stored in buckets, which do not alter the taste and the organoleptic properties.

Practical, tough and easy to handle, MU18600 is the ideal container for harvesting grapes.

Technical data sheet