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26 September 2016

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Isi Plast rectangular buckets

26 September 2016

Rectangular buckets - Isi PlastIsi Plast has created the RET Series, an entire line of rectangular buckets, characterized by peculiar sizes and capacities (starting from 3 litres).

These products have allowed the Company to meet the various trade requirements.

The strength of the RET Series buckets is guaranteed by the high quality of the plastic material (polypropylene), which these products are made of. Every model of this series is equipped with a comfortable ergonomic handle, which makes the bucket easy to handle.

The truncated pyramid shape makes the bucket look charming and efficient in shelf exposition and it facilitates the operations of warehousing. In fact, the rectangular buckets can be put one inside the other in order to avoid the waste of space.

The pressure lid allows a perfect closure of the buckets and the seal guarantees the inviolability of the product before the first opening.

The RET series rectangular buckets are the ideal products for different uses in the industrial field.

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