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10 October 2016

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MU4700M3 for the honey

10 October 2016

MU4700M3 for the honey - Isi PlastMU4700M3  is the ideal solution to contain up to 5 kg of honey. Made of polypropylene and suitable for contact with food, this container branded Isi Food performs the best function to make the honey ripen.

The ripening packaging represents the container in which takes place the phase of the honey purification from all the small debris that remain after the first filtering step.

The honey, after being removed from the honeycombs (phase of “honey extraction”), is temporarily stored within the container (maturation phase). During this period, the amount of any residual water is removed by evaporation and the impurities, such as residues of wax and other vegetable particles, rise the top of the surface allowing the beekeeper to proceed to the skimming step while the heaviest impurities will settle at the bottom of the container.


Robustness and manageability blend together to characterize MU4700M3. This ripening container is characterized by the presence of the highest band, the seal and the practical ergonomic handle to ease the movements.

The presence of the pressure lid, also made of polypropylene suitable for contact with food, together with all the characteristics above mentioned, lead MU4700M3 to be a high quality ripening packaging.

This honey container can be adapted to allow the insertion of the tap required by the honey packaging process.

Thanks to its technical characteristics and the clean and linear design, MU4700M3 can be used by beekeepers, as well as during the phase of decantation of honey, also as a handy container for the direct sale of this special food.

MU4700M3 can be customize according to special customer requests applying eye-catching graphics with IML labels, which reproduce high-resolution images.

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