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4 July 2019

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The containers for mozzarellas

4 July 2019

ISI Food solutions for the packaging of mozzarellas

ISI Food is able to ISI Food solutions for the packaging of mozzarellaspropose on the market various solutions for the correct packaging (from 1 kg to 2 kg) of mozzarellas. Made with material suitable for direct food contact, these containers for mozzarellas allow the flavours and the freshness of the contained food to last and to be maintained intact for long periods.

MU2000 (for the packaging of 1 kg of mozzarellas) and MU4700M3 (for the packaging of ca. 2 kg of mozzarellas) represent two solutions for the transportation and the direct sale to the public of these dairy food. Both containers are realised with first choice plastic material (PP) that guarantees the quality of the packaging itself. The practical moving handle is essential: this element, present in both items, simplifies their handling making these containers for mozzarellas practical and maneuverable packagings.

For both sizes are available both pressure and thermosealing lids, essential for a correct packaging and a following preservation of this food product.

The special tamper evident seal placed on the upper band of the bucket, guarantees the inviolability of the product at its first opening. The conical structure, not only gives to the packaging a linear and modern shape, it also has practical implications: these containers for mozzarellas can be easily stacked both empty (for an optimization of spaces in the warehouse), and full (for a captivating display on the shelf).

The possibility to customize MU2000 and MU4700M3 through IML technology, make these containers the ideal choice for the sale of mozzarellas and other dairy products.

Discover the containers for mozzarellas

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