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25 June 2019

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The container for automatic stirrers and tinting systems

25 June 2019

MU18600: strength and practicality for paints and varnish sector

Strong structureMU18600: strength and practicality for paints and varnish sector_ISI Plast S.p.A., captivating design: these are just some of the characteristics that mark MU18600. The inner wall and the special strong lid have been designed to make this container ideal for the use in automatic stirrers and tinting systems.

With a flush edge capacity of 19,3 lt, MU18600 represents the ideal solution for the packaging of 14/15 lt of paint. Made of first choice plastic material (PP), it is able to sutisfy the specific requirements of the paint and varnish sector: thanks to its technical characteristics, if stimulated by automatic stirrers, this bucket guarantees a perfect endurance of the product.

The metal handle, with plastic knob, has been studied in order to answer to the specific demands of the market: the loops have been designed to be able to fix it firmly to the bucket and at the same time to allow a detachment without obstacle during the inserting phase within the automatic stirrers and the tinting systems.

This container for automatic stirrers other than having high performances it is also very functional: the conical shape allows its correct stacking both empty (for an optimisation of the spaces in the warehouse) and full (for a captivating exposure on the shelf), while the special upper milled band gives more stability to the containers that are positioned on the pallets after being filled by the users.

The container for automatic stirrers other than having the tamper evident seal for the first opening, it is also customizable through silk screen printing and IML technology.

Discover the container for automatic stirrers

MU18600 | 19,3 lt.