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30 May 2019

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Buckets for snacks and chips

30 May 2019

QUAD series: the packaging for tasty snacks and chips

Innovativeeasy-toContenitori per snack e patatine_ISI Food-handle and attractive design: ISI Food QUAD Series (from 3.9lt up to 5.9lt flush edge capacity) are the perfect solution to pack snacks and chips. The main features related to these kind of containers is that they are made on purpose to preserve inside not only salty snacks and chips, but also dried or dehydrated fruits.

The QUAD Series buckets for snacks and chips are made of first choice PP materials and they are suitable for contact with food. They are very strong and easy to handle thanks to the upper band and the handle.

The buckets have the chance to be equipped both with standard pressure lid or lid for thermo-sealing – to grant and keep freshness and fragrance of the aliments inside.

The truncated shape has been studied on purpose to allow the proper stacking of the empty packaging to optimize the space inside the warehouse and also the filled ones ready to be attractively displayed on the shelf.

These buckets for snacks and chips QUAD3,5 and QUAD5.5 have the chance to be customized thanks to IML technology and they are equipped with a functional tamper evident seal.


Discover the buckets for snacks and chips