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23 May 2019

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Containers for dog and cat croquettes

23 May 2019

RET3 and RET5: solutions for PET FOOD

ISI Plast is payingContainers for dog and cat croquettes_ISI Plast S.p.A. more and more attention to the pet food market suggesting innovative solutions to satisfy the most different requests of this constantly growing sector. For those who are looking for a smart packaging able to combine functionality and safety, ISI Plast offers RET3 e RET5 as ideal containers to pack dry food for dogs and cats.

These buckets for dogs and cats croquettes are made of first choice PP materials and they fully meet the strict rules in terms of foodstuffs certifications and standards.

RET3 (flush edge capacity 4 lt.) e RET5 (flush edge capacity 6,1 lt.) are equipped with an ergonomic handle to improve the handling of such containers.

The tamper evident seal, placed on the upper band guarantees the inviolability of the product at the first opening, and the pressure lid allows a perfect closure.

The special truncated shape of the rectangular buckets for croquettes RET3 e RET5 optimizes both the warehouse storage operations (the empty rectangular bucket have the chance to be perfectly stacked) and they will have an attractive look when displayed and stacked on each other, filled with product, on the shelf.

These buckets have the chance to be customized with IML technology or with adhesive labels. The perfect solution for the dry food packaging of “our four-legged friends”.

Check the different sizes

RET3 | lt. 4RET5 | lt. 6,1