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18 April 2019

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Chlorine containers

18 April 2019

ISI Plast dedicated line

In order to fullChlorine containers_ISI Plast S.p.A.y sutisfy the packaging and conservation needs of this specific sector, ISI Plast is able to offer a line of containers designed for the correct packaging of chlorine in it various forms: from slow-dissolution tablets to grains for “shock treatments”.

With the upcoming summer season chlorine becomes the number one allied to guarantee a correct maintainance of swimming pools, allowing the swimmer a fully safe swimming. The correct use of chlorine allows:

– Disinfection and destruction of bacteria and micro-organisms;
– Desctruction of seaweed and prevention of their formation;
– Water to be cristal clear

ISI Plast offers a line of chlorine containers able to guarantee the correct conservation of the product itself.

Different for dimensions and capacities, MU5700M4/UN (5,8 lt.), MU12000M3/UN (13,3 lt) e MU32500/UN (32,9 lt.) obtained the full compliance to the transport of dangerous solid goods. Made of the highest quality plastic material (PP) these containers for chlorine represent robust (upper band), safe (the tamper evident seal guarantees the inviolability of the product at the first opening) and at the same time practical and manageable (presence of the moving handle) packaging solutions.

The characteristical conical shape allows the stacking of the containers for chlorine for a perfect disposition on the shelf and for a great optimisation of the warehouse spaces.

The possibility to print the three offered items through IML is not to underestimate.

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