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22 October 2019

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Packaging for Pet Food

22 October 2019

Solutions for the right packaging of dry food for dogs and cats

As far as the Pet Food Market is concerned, a constantly growing sector, ISI Plast is a valid supplier, able to offer packaging solutions for large quantities of dry food for dogs and cats. Buckets for pet food have different shapes, but they all have in common the special “keep flavour cover ” .

This special lid has been studied on purpose to maintain the fragrance and aroma of dry pet food stored in ISI Plast pet food packagings.

CON60R (63 lt. flush edge capacity) and CON50R (53 lt. flush edge capacity) sturdy and durable buckets able to satisfy the most different market request. They are made with first choice PP raw materials and they are perfect to pack 12/15 kg of dry food.

The special shape of these buckets allows very good storage operations inside the warehouse, relating to the stackability of the empty buckets and also the display in the shops of the filled buckets.

MU32500 (32,9 lt. flush edge capacity), is featured by the special shape and the special tamper evident seal on the upper band. MU32500 is made of first choice PP raw materials and it is sturdy, durable and easy to handle. This kind of Pet Food containers has the chanced to be customized with IML technology. It is the perfect solution to pack 10kg of dry pet food.

ISI Plast is therefore ready to face the pet food world with a variety of different packaging opportunities produced in full compliance with criteria of functionality, safety and suitability for food contact.

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MU32500 | 32,9 LT.CON50R | 53 LT.CON60R | 63 LT.