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16 April 2017

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RET10 for conservation of seeds

16 April 2017

RET10 for conservation of seedsISI Plast propose on the market the perfect plastic container for a correct conservation of the seeds.

RET10, thanks to its peculiarities, represents the perfect solution for the packaging of different types of seeds for grass (ornamental, residential, technical and farming) and for vegetable garden.

The seeds should be stored in a cool place, safe from atmospheric humidity.

The choice of the right container covers a fundamental role to preserve the correct conservation of seeds.

RET10 is the rectangular base container, with flush edge capacity of 9,1 Lt., completely realized in plastic material of first quality (PP) which perfectly suits the conservation of seeds  for their impermeability to water vapour.

RET10 owns a seal of inviolability at first use and a practical pressure lid. The tilting handle makes the handling easier. The truncated-pyramidal design was specifically conceived to consent the functional stacking of both full and empty containers.

Strong, handy and customizable: the product is much more captivating thanks to the application of IML label and therefore to the reproduction of high resolution images.

Technical sheet