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22 July 2019

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The containers for hand-cleaning paste

22 July 2019

The right packaging for the chemical cosmetic professional sector

The hand-cleaning paste represents an essential element for many professionals that work in the industrial and mechanical sector. ISI Plast has studied and realised different solutions for the correct packaging (from 1 kg to 20 kg) of this specific hand-cleaning paste detergent.

The hand-cleaning paste is the product indicated for the removal of dirt from the hands, which could be grease, oil and ink. ISI Plast studied and offers on the market two interesting containers for the chemical cosmetic professional sector.

Different in dimensions and capacities, but with equally performing technical characteristics, the containers for hand-cleaning paste MU780 (1 kg of hand-cleaning paste) and MU15000 (20 kg of hand-cleaning paste) are entirely made of plastic material of the highest quality (PP), which is able to confer solidity and resistance to these containers.

Not only safe (thanks to the presence of the tamper evident seal, with inviolability at the first opening) and robust (thanks to the upper band), but also maneuverable: MU15000 can be easily moved thanks to its practical moving handle, while the small dimensions of MU780 make it an easily maneuverable packaging.

Both equipped with pressure lid that allows the perfect closure of the bucket, these containers for hand-cleaning paste are highly customizable through the application of IML Labels (a technology which allows the reproduction high resolution images).

The conical design that characterizes MU780 and MU15000 allows the optimization of warehouse spaces (the containers can be efficiently stacked when empty) and guarantees a captivating shelf-exposure (they can be stacked when full).

Discover the containers for hand-cleaning paste

MU780 | 0,79 LT.MU15000 | 15,5 LT.