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4 December 2017

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The square bowls of ISI Plast

4 December 2017

Serie QUAD_ISI Plast S.p.A.Quality, technological innovation and sustainable development have always been the fundamental principles on which is based the business act of ISI Plast S.p.A.. The dynamism and the attention adressed to the market needs allow the company to periodically propose a very high quality innovative solutions.

That’s exactly in this view that ISI Plast decided to give “new shape to the packaging” creating the QUAD series: the new line of square containers (from 3,9 lt. to 5,9 lt.) that extends, through an innovant design, practical and catchy, the already wide range of its own business portfolio.

Thanks to their characteristics the bowls of the Quad series can really answer to the multiples market needs. The upper band and the handle donate to this containers robustness and handling (essential qualities for the food sector).
The high quality plastic material with whichthia containers are created(Polypropylene) it is fully conforming to the strict rules governing the food sector, making the square bowls the ideal solutions for the food sector.

The tronco-pyramidal form has been studied to allow a correct stacking of the containers at both full (for a catchy exhibition on the shell) or empty (to optimise the warehouse spaces).

The formats of the QUAD series are completed by the presence oh the heatsealing lid and the inviolability seal at first usage.

The cross-over that distinguishes the act of ISI Plast allows to the company to consolidate its own leadership in the production of plastic containers for the industrial sector, food sector and health field.

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