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21 June 2023

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ISI Plast joins collection to recycle plastic caps

21 June 2023

The plastics moulding company ISI Plast has for years been committed to a long path of sustainability and environmental awareness through numerous initiatives. Among the latest is the in-house collection of plastic caps from disposable bottles, an initiative conceived by the group Ripuliamoci, a voluntary project set up in Reggio Emilia in 2021.

Not only is the collection of caps valuable in terms of sustainability, reducing pollution and environmental impact, but the plastic from which they are made can be recycled and reused endlessly to produce new objects.

Between the aisles of the various departments and offices of ISI Plast, there are several containers for the collection of caps, divided by colour: white and transparent or coloured.

Participating in this initiative is a true gesture of solidarity for people and the environment; it is a further step on the path that ISI Plast has been pursuing for years.

There are several solidarity projects supported by Ripuliamoci thanks to the collection of caps, the first goal in 2022 was to help the association Amicizia senza frontiera, which supports the construction of wells in Africa.