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30 May 2023

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ISI Plast volunteers to the rescue in Ravenna

30 May 2023

Last weekend, a team of volunteers from ISI Plast, a plastics moulding company from Correggio (RE), made themselves available and supported the inhabitants of the flooded area of Ravenna to clean up and clear houses, gardens and garages together with local citizens.

A team united by a strong will to come to the aid and concretely help the inhabitants of Ravenna affected by the floods, a day dedicated not only to clearing destroyed and unusable furniture, devastated by water and mud, but also to people, in dialogue, warm embraces and moments of emotion.

The power of solidarity is enormous. At times when one feels weak and vulnerable, even small gestures can do a lot.

ISI Plast volunteers worked tirelessly to help the residents.

The valuable teamwork involved employees who could take part in this ‘heartfelt‘ initiative, with ISI Plast CEO Gianluca Melli in the front row.