7 December 2018

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Buckets for ice-cream mixtures

7 December 2018

Buckets for ice-cream mixtures

ISI Food hBuckets for ice-cream mixtures_ISI Foodas always particularly distinguished itself by taking care of planning innovative solutions to satisfy the most different requests of the customers. In particular, related to the ice-cream sector, ISI Food is launching on the market MU3300M4 and MU6400M2, the perfect buckets to pack ice-creams mixturesvariegated and cold creams.

MU3300M4 (for 3,5kg of ice-cream powders) and MU6400M2 (for 5kg of ice-cream powders) are made of first choice plastic raw material (PP). Both, are produced in accordance with the existing legislation related to the food industry and therefore they are suitable for contact with food.

These two buckets are different in capacity and size, but they have the same “mouth” and therefore the same lid. This will allow to considerably reduce the working-process time, thanks to the use of just one mold inside the heat-sealing machine and to combine the same cover (available both in the standard and for heat-sealing versions) to both buckets to optimize the warehouse codes.

They are also featured by the presence of a tamper evident seal of inviolability on the upper band. The buckets are strongdurable and easy to carry, thanks to the practical plastic handle. MU3300M4 and MU6400M2 have the chance to be customized by IML technology.

The conical design allows an efficient stacking, both in the warehouse, when dealing with empty buckets and in the stores, when dealing with filled buckets: the line of the buckets is very attractive on the shelves.

Discover MU3300M4DISCOVER MU6400M2

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