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14 December 2018

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Buckets for wall plugs, screws and nails

14 December 2018

Solutions for small metal parts

ISI PlastBuckets for wall plugs, screws and nails_ISI Plast S.p.A. offers two interesting solutions for the hardware sector. MU1200 and MU8000M3 the ideal buckets to pack wall plugsscrewsnails and bolts. The technical and structural features of the buckets, make of them the perfect packaging to be filled with the most different small metal parts.

Nylon expansion bolts, self-tapping steel screws, brass bolts and masonry nails, all kinds of mechanical fastening systems find their best solution in ISI Plast range of packaging.

The buckets for wall plugsscrewsnails and bolts are available in different capacities, MU1200 (1.28lt flush edge capacity) and MU8000M3 (8.3lt flush edge capacity). They are made of high quality plastic material (PP) which gives the packaging strengthresistance and high performing qualities.

The conical design allows an efficient stacking, both in the warehouse, when dealing with empty buckets and in the stores, when dealing with filled buckets: the line of the buckets is very attractive, when placed on the shelves.

They are also featured by the presence of a tamper evident seal of inviolability on the upper band. The buckets are strongdurable and easy to handle. MU1200 is easy to handle thanks to its small size; instead, MU8000M3 is equipped with a rocking handle, which makes it easy to be carried around.

Buckets are supplied with standard pressure lid (also available in the version for heat sealing) and have the chance to be customized with IML technology.

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