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4 March 2020

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Buckets for sweetened ricotta cheese

4 March 2020

The ideal packaging solution for the Sicilian pastry products

The sweetened ricotta cheese is a highly appreciated ingredient, greatly requested by the pastry shops all over Italy, as a central element for the creation of ricotta-based sweets typical of the Sicilian tradition. ISI Food is able to fully respond to the packaging needs of companies engaged in this specific sector.

Different buckets sizes are available on the market:

  • MU10800M3 for 12 kg of ricotta cheese
  • LGH6500 for 5 kg of ricotta cheese
  • LGH3500 for 3 kg of ricotta cheese

These containers, suitable for food contact, are made of first choice plastic material (PP) which guarantees the quality of the packaging itself. The reinforced upper band, on all 3 sizes, gives the packaging solidity and robustness.

ISI Food buckets for ricotta cheese are equipped with a practical pressure lid and an ergonomic pivoting handle that facilitates handling. Not only practical and easy to handle, but also safe containers: the seal of inviolability, to be broken at first use, is placed on the wide upper band of these packaging.

Buckets for sweetened ricotta cheese have the chance to be customized by applying adhesive labels or by using IML technology.

Discover buckets for sweetened ricotta cheese

MU10800M3 | 11,8 LT.LGH6500 | 6,6 LT.LGH3500 | 3,9 LT.