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27 February 2020

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Buckets for chlorine disinfectants

27 February 2020

Packaging for granular chlorine and chlorine tablets

ISI Plast introduces on the market, a complete series of packaging solutions made on purpose to pack special products related to the treatment of swimming pool water. ISI Plast buckets have been studied ad hoc to contain all different kinds of chlorinated disinfectants, such as chlorine tablets with slow dissolution and granular chlorine for shock treatments.

Chlorine is the most important chemical product to be used for the correct maintenance and disinfection of swimming pools. It is therefore necessary to pack these chlorinated disinfectants into special buckets able to ensure the quality and durability of the products.

ISI Plast mainly focuses on 3 types of buckets for chlorinated disinfectants: LGH6500/ONU (6.6 lt.), MU21000M3/ONU (22.8 lt.) and MU25000M3/ONU (26.2 lt.). They are different in size and capacity. They are UN approved and comply with transport of solid dangerous goods standards.

Thanks to their peculiarities, these special buckets are the perfect packaging solutions to contain chlorine products. They are made with first choice plastic material (PP). These containers for chlorinated disinfectants are strong (thanks to the reinforced upper band), safe (the seal on the upper plastic band guarantees the inviolability of the product at the first opening), practical and easy to handle (thanks to the pivoting handle).

Thanks to their truncated-cone shape, these containers can be easily and correctly stacked, optimizing spaces, both during the warehouse storage phase and when displaying the buckets in the shelves. All 3 size have the chance to be customized with IML technology.

Discover the containers for chlorinated disinfectants

LGH6500/ONU | 6,6 LT.MU21000M3/ONU | 22,8 LT.MU25000M3/ONU | 26,2 LT.