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3 April 2015

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MU15000 for the paint industry

3 April 2015

Secchi-in-plastica_MU15000_ISIPLASTThe evolution of the market reflects the new customer requests. Thanks to MU15000 most of your customers requests will be satisfied. MU15000 bucket may contain 12,5-13 lt of paints, varnishes and wall coatings, etc. etc…. placing itself perfectly between the classic 10 and 15lt containers.

MU15000 is short and large, with an attractive and strong design. MU15000 was studied on purpose to be used on all automatic filling machines. It is produced with first choice raw materials and has the chance to be customized with IML labels, to reproduce the highest possible quality images and it is available also in the version with metal handle .GAMMA SECCHI