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7 March 2023

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Smoc-chino® celebrates Women’s Day!

7 March 2023

On 8 March 2023, International Women’s Day will be celebrated, as it is every year, to commemorate both the social, economic and political achievements and the discrimination suffered in all parts of the world.

But it is also the date for an all-female evening, another opportunity to spend time with friends and celebrate in the best possible way.

From aperitifs to disco nights, from social events to exclusive clubs, for all women that need it Smoc-chino® is the portable ashtray suitable for all circumstances, to be carried in your handbag at all times.

Its small size allows it to be carried in even the smallest of bags and then used when needed. It is the perfect gift for a special friend and can be customised with your own logo or a small image of your choice.

It is light and practical to use, the cap with secure closure prevents butts and ashes from escaping, and it is available in 9 different colours to meet all requirements!