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23 February 2023

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MU5700 for handwashing paste

23 February 2023

Handwashing paste is an abrasive soap paste for removing dirt from hands, such as oily residues, grease, inks, paints and varnishes.

It is mainly used in certain professional sectors from mechanics to printers and craftsmen in general.

It is sold in plastic buckets that allow for easy transport and perfect storage before and after opening.

ISI Plast brings to the market the MU5700 packaging, the practical bucket with handle with a capacity of 5.8 litres.

The lid with seal guarantees a perfect seal for the handwashing paste contained inside, the handle allows easy handling and makes it perfect for carrying.

MU5700 packaging is made of PP material resistant to various types of compounds and chemicals, in particular polypropylene is highly neutral to acids, bases and chemically aggressive solvents.