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14 December 2022

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Inclusion and sustainability for Christmas 2022

14 December 2022

Also for this Christmas 2022, ISI Plast has decided to donate the amount of money from Christmas gifts to the inclusive project, which involves more than twenty differently abled children, who, heedless of the seasonal cold, continue to gather in the soccer field with great enthusiasm.

Christmas is in simple, everyday gestures, in caring for others, in the ability to welcome and listen to those around us, and with this sponsorship ISI Plast wants to emphasize its importance.

The new team of the Unione Sportiva Rubierese Calcio was born last summer thanks to a group of volunteers that ISI Plast decided to sponsor for 2 years, concretely demonstrating its strong belief in this new project. Thanks to the company’s sponsorship, the children are taken care of free of charge by the group of volunteers who workout after workout enthusiastically impart greater confidence to all the participants involved.

It is essential to accompany and sensitize children toward group education by helping to create a stimulating, supportive and communicative climate toward others.