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Cod. A3

Plum Fly Trap

The plum fly or butterfly (Cydia funebrana) is an insect that lays its eggs in the distal area of the plum fruit. The larvae begin to grow for a period of 15 to 40 days and then begin to penetrate inside the fruit, feeding on the flesh.
The damage caused by the Cydia funebranabite is borne by the fruit, which falls off, has less firm flesh and a darker colouring. In addition, gummy cirri appear on the fruit at the tunnel exits.


Technical specifications


2 Weeks

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    • Description

      The Cydia funebrana trap from ISI Trap is an environmentally friendlyand effective solution for combating the spread of plum flies.
      This trap can be used effectively in organic farming as it uses baiting pheromones, without poisons or pesticides.
      Male Cydia funebrana flies are attracted by the yellow colour of the double-sided foil and the special pheromone bait and remain trapped.
      This prevents them from mating.

      The package contains two double-sided adhesive sheets, two capsules of attractant and a trap.

    • Recommendations for use

      The trap should be installed on the plum tree immediately after flowering.

      • Place1 trap per tree.
      • Place the double-sided adhesive sheet inside the trap (carefully removing the protective foil).
      • Place the attractor capsule in the centre of the adhesive sheet, wearing PVC gloves or equivalent to prevent other odours from being associated with the bait).

      Caution: the capsules may look empty; they actually contain the appropriate amount of pheromones.

      • Replace the entire trap (double-sided foil + bait) every6/7 weeks.
      • At the end of use, dispose of according to current regulations.

      TheCydia funebrana trap from ISI Trap enables the ecological and effective elimination of the plum fly/flies.