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Cod. A16

BG-Mosquitarie with CO2

BG-Mosquitaire with CO2 is the trap for the effective capture of all mosquito species. Unlike the tiger mosquito, which can be trapped without the use of CO2 (BG-Mosquitaire), for all other mosquito species the most important attractive stimulus is certainly carbon dioxide.
BG-Mosquitarie with CO2 is the environmentally friendly mosquito trap.


Technical specifications


8 Weeks

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    • Description

      The BG-Mosquitarie mosquito trap with CO2 is designed to offer high performance in the capture of all mosquito species.
      This trap is made of hard plastic for outdoor use and makes use of pure carbon dioxide and a special attractant bait.
      These factors, together with special colour contrasts and the reproduction of convection currents, make BG-Mosquitarie with CO2 an effective mosquito trap.

      The BG-Mosquitarie mosquito trap with CO2 is included in the package:

      • Power cable (8 m)
      • CO2 emission hose (5 m) in two dosages (200 g or 500 g per day)
      • Carbon dioxide emitter
      • Pre-set depressurising device
      • 1 bag of attractant bait.

      The carbon dioxide canister must be purchased separately (we recommend purchasing the 10 CO2 canister from gastronomy suppliers).
      A 10 kg CO2 cylinder lasts between 3 and 7 weeks (depending on how the carbon dioxide flow is regulated).

      The merits of this trap are:

      • Excellent capture rate.
      • Targeted capture (not harmful to beneficial insects such as bees, ladybirds and butterflies).
      • Environmentally friendly (does not use insecticides).
      • Low power consumption (12 V and 4 W).

      Reach: 20 m

    • Recommendations for use

      When to activate the trap
      • Set up the mosquito trap when the outside temperature remains above 15°C for several days (this is when mosquitoes become active and start laying eggs).
      • It is essential that the trap works 24 hours a day.

      It is advisable to monitor the presence of mosquitoes inside the trap every3 to 5 days . This will make it possible to find the ideal place to place the trap.

    • Correct positioning

      The correct positioning of the BG-Mosquitarie mosquito trap with CO2 is of paramount importance for optimal results.

      • The trap should be placed on the groundin the vicinity of mosquito breeding sites (damp places such as water stagnation, pots and saucers, rainwater containers, etc.) and the resting places of these insects (fresh foliage, hedges and other damp, unventilated places).
      • For optimal operation of the trap, it is recommended to place the equipment in a windless place, away from direct rain and direct exposure to the sun.
      • Anything above the trap (rain cover or bushes and shrubs) must maintain a minimum distance of 0.5 m from the top of the trap.
    • Environments of use

      Any outdoor space is the ideal place to install BG-Mosquitarie with CO2.

      • private gardens
      • gardens and parks
      • restaurants and bars
      • hotels and campsites
      • beaches and pools
      • sports fields and spa areas