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Cod. A18


The ISI Trap egg trap is an ecological and economical solution to combat the spread of mosquitoes. A practical and effective remedy to interrupt the life cycle of mosquitoes.


Technical specifications


45 days

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    • Description

      The ISI Trap egg trap serves as an ideal environment for the laying of mosquito eggs.
      This cylindrical plastic container (1.4 L) is the ideal trap for mosquito larvae.
      The ISI Trap egg trap is the ideal remedy against mosquitoes as, through its use, the biological cycle of these insects is interrupted.

      The ISI Trap consists of the cylindrical container only (without lid).

    • Recommendations for use

      • Pour the water inside the egg trap (up to half the container).
      • Add simple blades of grass.
      • Place the trap in suitable locations (full shade at a height of 50 to 60 cm above the ground).
      • After 5 days, the water inside the egg trap must beemptied into the ground (no drains or water stagnation). Mosquito eggs that have been laid there and larvae that have formed will die in the absence of water.
      • Repeat the process from the beginning.

      There are a few tricks that can be put in place to make the water in the trap more pleasant for mosquitoes.
      Experts recommend adding simple grassto the water.

    • Correct positioning

      As mentioned above, the ovitraps should be placed in locations that remain in full shade for most of the day, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight.
      They should be placed at a maximum height of 1 m (ideally between 50 and 60 cm).
      They should neither be too hidden nor placed in areas of intense traffic.
      Shelter them from direct rain by maintaining a space between the trap and the shelter of at least 15 cm.

      The ISI Trap egg trap is the zero environmental impact solution against mosquito larvae and eggs.