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Cod. A13

Natural mosquito repellent

ISI Trap’s natural mosquito repellent is an effective remedy for keeping mosquitoes away from all types of enclosed spaces.
This product is a natural and 100% non-toxic solution to keep these annoying insects away.

The special feature of this natural mosquito repellent is that it drives mosquitoes away without killing them, rmaking it one of the most effective natural remedies against mosquitoes.


Technical specifications


4/6 Weeks

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    • Recommendations for use

      • Open the jar and allow the product to evaporate, which will release a pleasant fragrance.
      • Leave a window partially open to allow mosquitoes to get away.
      • • The natural mosquito repellent ISI Trap once exhausted (4/6 weeks if kept unopened) can be used as soap.
    • Environments of use

      The single pack is effective for rooms of up to20 square metres.
      It can also be used in open spaces, but its action is effective on about2/3 square metres.

      In the case of direct exposure to the sun, the product will tend to dissolve, but even in its liquid state it is equally effective.