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7 December 2023

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Gianluca Melli appointed President of the GMP of Unindustria Reggio Emilia

7 December 2023

Gianluca Melli CEO of ISI Plast has been appointed President of the Unindustria Reggio Emilia Rubber Plastics Group, he will remain in office until 2025.

This is further confirmation of ISI Plast‘s position, the result of years of experience and a vast wealth of expertise, made up of a company team of hundreds of people who strive daily to meet customers’ expectations and needs.

“Thanks to the tireless work and generosity of those who have gone before me, we aim to achieve a primary goal: to involve even more entrepreneurs in the industry and make them feel more and more involved in the value of GMP. The plastic rubber district is very large, with decades of history behind it, there are many SMEs, we produce and export high-quality work, we are a heritage for the area and this should not be dispersed or weakened. Unindustria, through the GMP, will work constantly to spread and support the culture of plastic rubber”.

said Gianluca Melli, CEO of ISI Plast S.p.A.