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Cod. A2

Oil fly trap

The olive fruit fly also called olive fly (bactrocera oleae) is a dangerous insect present in all Italian olive groves.
Female specimens lay their eggs by puncturing the olive skin. Here the larvae find an ideal place to grow by feeding on the flesh of the fruit.
The sting of the olive fly on the olive causes devastating effects on the crops including the destruction of the fruit pulp, the fall of the infested fruit and the substantial alteration of the quality of the olives.


Technical specifications


5/6 Weeks

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    • Description

      ISI Trap olive fly trap is the environmentally friendlyand effective solution for catching the olive fly.
      The Olive Fly Trap from ISI Trap is allowed in organic farmingas it contains no poisons or pesticides. This trap uses baiting pheromonesthat attract olive flies by sticking them into the special bi-adhesive base.

      The trap consists of a special double-sided adhesive sheet, the pheromone attractant and a special plastic clip for fixing the trap.

      Each pack contains two traps.

    • Recommendations for use

      The olive fly trap should be installed immediately after flowering.

      • Use 1 trap per plant.
      • Remove the 2 protective sheets from the special double-sided adhesive sheet.
      • Apply the special double-sided adhesive sheet around a branch and fasten it carefully with the help of the special plastic clip (as indicated on the back of the package).
      • Wearing PVC gloves or equivalent, take the bait out of the bag (avoiding contact with fingers to prevent other odours from being associated with the bait itself) and place it on the special double-sided sticky sheet on the side facing the ground.

      Caution: the capsules may look empty; they actually contain the appropriate amount of pheromones.

      • Replace the entire trap (double-sided foil + bait) every 5/6 weeks.
      • At the end of use, dispose of according to current regulations.

      The olive fly trap ISI Trap is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly traps for catching the olive fly.